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"What you want is what you get" at Midas Touch LLC.


 We as authorized consultants, have total solutions in various areas like ISO Certification as well as Software Development- Call Centers .

Our Services

HR Consultancy

Being aware of the latest situation, we are ready to offer our immediate assistance to the local community in the Sultanate of Oman in various fields. Our vast expertise, experience and exposure in HR+related operations, Career Consultancy Services, Food+Beverage & Hospitality and Information Technology are here to assist you according to your requirements.

Management and Business Consultancy

Our approach combines a rapid diagnosis of the business issues pertaining to our clients with the execution of changes needed, aiming to transfer our skills and experience to our clients, thereby ensuring their sustainable business improvement & enhancement.

Career Opportunities

Assistance is provided to students according to their needs  ie. which field to choose, keeping in mind of their aptitude and other factors, where to pursue their studies, which universities or educational institutions are genuine and recognized globally...and various other issues

Information Technology

Information Technology-is a boom today. Online-education, training in various fields, learning music, multiple skills, digital marketing, social media, Networking, website applications, designs, creative graphics, animation etc. All this can be outsourced by us. 

Our Team

Noel Valladares

Managing Director

Midas Touch LLC

+968 99412085

Joel Valladares

General Manager

Midas Touch LLC

+968 95204550

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