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Our Services

HR Consultancy

Being aware of the latest situation, we are ready to offer our immediate assistance to the local community in the Sultanate of Oman in various fields. Our vast expertise, experience and exposure in HR+related operations, Career Consultancy Services, Food+Beverage & Hospitality and Information Technology are here to assist you according to your requirements.

Business Development

Our approach combines a rapid diagnosis of the business issues pertaining to our clients with the execution of changes needed, aiming to transfer our skills and experience to our clients, thereby ensuring their sustainable business improvement & enhancement.

List of Associated Companies
  • Construction Companies

  • Hotels

  • Restaurants

  • Hospitals

  • Catering Industry

  • Clerical & Administrative

  • Educational Institute

  • Medical Institutes

  • Medical Centers

  • Call Center

  • Accounting and Auditing

  • Manufacturing

  • Maintenance Firms

  • Engineering Companies

  • Oil & Gas Industries

  • Logistics & Transport

  • Garage & Auto Services

  • Warehouse & Distribution

  • Information Technology

  • & the never ending list

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