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"New vision with a passion"


As the present situation everywhere is very challenging, we have decided to explore, enhance and empower the following-

  • Solar power/energy-in order to reduce and cut costs of high electric bills, keep the Environment clean, create jobs and employment for all.

  • Waste management-convert it into energy, fertilisers etc...reduces pollution, food for organic  vegetation, agriculture etc. Create jobs and employment. Health is wealth. Caring for a better environment.

  • Provisions for green fodder-best for cattle, poultry, camels and other feeds.

  • To promote Omani marble, limestone and other minerals...create jobs.

  • Beautiful scenic places in Oman.

  • Promote agriculture, landscaping etc in Oman.

  • Handicapped can be taken care of-assistance to get in and exit of the customer designed Vehicle and Vehicle can be designed as per the customer's requirements. Other mobility facilities can be provided.

Midas Touch LLC is located in Al Wadi Al Kabir, Muscat, Oman.

For queries, appointments, meetings please call on : +968 99412085 , 95204550 or send an email to:,

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