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Travels & Ticketing

Something can define us as a travel agent is "THE TRAVEL OPERATOR JUST FOR YOU".

Since our establishment we have shown consistent commitment to excellent the hospitality and dedication to the quality of touring services. We have many more supporters and recommendations from our valued clients around the world.

One of the advantages of dealing with us yourself is you can design a trip just to meet your own requirements.

We have handpicked most spectacular destinations on all continents. Relax your body and soul in the most remote corners of the world. Be it India, Egypt, Maldives, Ukraine, Canada or even UK – we guarantee a burst of positive emotions.

We take care of all the services which make your travel complete and fun.

Our list of services are:

  • Tour Packages

  • Outbound trips to Europe, America, Far East, Australia

  • Inbound programs for overseas visitors to Oman

  • Flight Reservations

  • Hotel Room Reservations

  • Car Hire

  • Leisure Travel

  • Visa Services and Consultation

  • Travel Insurance

  • Emergency Services

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